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DuoLife Medical Formula ProCardiol® dietary suplement is a rich source of natural substances that protect the whole circulatory system. While supporting the heart performance, protecting blood vessels, and regulating the level of cholesterol, it helps to maintain the cardiac muscle, blood vessels and veins in an optimal condition.

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Hawthorn berry extract supports the heart, helps to regulate the blood pressure and circulation. Hawthorn berry extract contains flavonoids which are applied to increase the supply of oxidized blood to the cardiac muscle. Many studies showed that hawthorn berry extract supports coronary circulation and physical exercise tolerance.  

Hibiscus flower extract is an excellent combination of anthocyanins, flavonoids and organic acids. As a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, it promotes the required level of cholesterol and protects the liver. Polyphenols contained in this extract neutralize free radicals.

Red common grape fruit skin extract contains a significant amount of flavonoids, natural antioxidants, which protect against heart diseases. The components contained in grapes skin and in red wine make the blood vessels tight and more flexible. Grapes’ flavonoids content improves heart performance, visual processes, and delay the skin’s ageing process. Grapes skin extract and red wine concentrate contain bio-complex of high antioxidant properties, and it includes, among others, resveratrol the activity of which is several dozen Times stronger than vitamin C.

Black chokeberry (aronia) is the healthiest berry of all. It strengthens and tightens the blood vessel walls and makes them supple and flexible, and regulates their permeability. Thanks to high content of vitamins, it reduces lipid oxidization which prevents cholesterol plagues from forming on the artery walls. It displays nutritional and antitoxic properties.

Pomegranate fruit extract is rich in B-, A-, E- and C-group vitamins and linoleic acid which allow to maintain the circulatory system in a healthy condition. It significantly improves the process of blood supply to the heart and helps to regulate the lipid metabolism. It is considered to be the strongest known antioxidant as it displays even three times higher antioxidant capacity than green tea famous for such an effect. 

ProCardiol® (protected formulae of antioxidants obtained from the mixture of fruit and vegetable dry extracts in varying proportions) supports heart performance and regulates blood pressure. It improves circulation in cardiac muscle and accelerates recovery after circulatory system diseases. It strengthens the veins and the blood vessels which can be a good preventive treatment for those who would like to protect themselves from this kind of problems.

Motherwort is used to ease heart problems, especially those of emotional background. It gradually reduces blood pressure increasing the efficiency of the cardiac muscle. It is a great source of phenylpropanoids which can protect the heart and the circulatory system, and flavonoids which strengthen the blood vessel walls.

Baikal skullcap extract contains biologically active compounds which display antioxidant properties. They help to remove heavy metals from the organism, and effectively reduce harmful changes in the blood vessels. Flavonoids strengthen the heart, improve its oxygenation and support microcirculation.

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