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LAZIZAL® Advanced Face Lift Capsules is a food supplement available in a packaging of 30 capsules which enhances skin functions and condition ‘from the inside’. The composition of natural ingredients has been enclosed in innovative biphasic capsules with modified, prolonged release, which improve the absorption of active compounds.

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How does it work?
We often live active and intensive lives. We notoriously suffer from lack of time. Work, stress, tension, lack of relaxation, inadequate amount of sleep – all those factors have a destructive impact on us. Unfortunately, day by day, month by month, it all gets reflected on our skin. What should we do when we want to quickly improve the appearance of our skin and we expect long-lasting results?
LAZIZAL® presents LAZIZAL® Advanced Face Lift Capsules intended for mature skin. This multi-purpose product constitutes support in many areas:

it helps slow down the processes of ageing as well as wrinkles and lines formation;

it constitutes support in the process of wrinkles and lines reduction, and it helps slow down their formation;

it supports the improvement of facial oval;

it positively affects the reduction of visibility of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes;

it promotes the maintenance of optimal skin firmness and elasticity;

it supports the process of epidermis reconstruction as well as collagen and elastin synthesis;

it supports dehydrated skin devoid of radiance;

it positively affects the condition of skin of the lips and around them, and it prevents the lips from chapping;

it supports the maintenance of proper skin hydration;

it supports the process of brightening discolourations.

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